Island aviation services ias analysis

The president is the de jure commander-in-chief of the Indian Armed Forces. The decisions involving pardoning and other rights by the president are independent of the opinion of the prime minister or the Lok Sabha majority. In most other cases, however, the president exercises his or her executive powers on the advice of the prime minister.

Island aviation services ias analysis

And Was He Killed in ? Did Swissair Flight land at an Airbase? Germanwings Flight …Emerging Anomalies The alleged crash of Germanwings Flight took place yesterday in a remote part of the French Alps, minutes away from two major military bases.

But in both these cases, the alleged crash took place in water. Therefore the Powers That Be had sufficient time to compact the same aircraft and deposit them at the seabed.

Like United Airlines Flight 93, Germanwings Flight may have been flown with its unsuspecting passengers to a nearby military base. This post will continue to be updated….

Despite the very difficult terrain and currently snow-covered access routes, blackbox s have already been retrieved and are already being paraded before the media.

Island aviation services ias analysis

We are initially told that several bodies have been recovered and the aircraft is more or less in one piece. But as things emerge, we learn that similar to SWRthe aircraft has been obliterated into a millions of pieces and that there are no bodies. Presumably this suggests an impact with limited forward speed.

There are also contradictions regarding the distress call. When he did this, in conformity with established anti-terrorism protocols a fighter aircraft was scrambled to try to make visual contact with the missing aircraft, along with a police helicopter.

According to Germanwings, this specific aircraft has had trouble with its computing apparatus of late, which was substituted before the accident. It is difficult to envisage any circumstances under which anyone consciously would elect to continue flying straight ahead into the mountains for another miles instead of diverting to Marseille.

Island aviation services ias analysis

Incapacitation of the crew is one of the very few scenarios consistent with these know facts. The question then would be what could cause such — apparently almost instantaneous incapacitation? Explosion in the cockpit or cockpit area?

There are certainly other scenarios, but not many. Like SWR, we are also missing critical communications from the aircraft. As in the case of SWR, the captain was also very experienced.

Unlike the investigation of MH which immediately revealed the details of the co-pilot and the passenger list, this information is still being withheld. To quote user kbrockman What is very strange is the straight path flown right up until impact, no attempt whatsoever to aim for one of the many possible airports nearby.

To quote user John in YVR, Hard to imagine the debris field would be a wide as it shows in posts and if the flight tracker in post is accurate. Even with the rough terrain the VS suggests that there would be more big sections. To quote user clearedtocross, Just for info — no fingerpointing meant: The latter is a very large military camp and a place where there is rocket firing too.

To quote user Trackdiamond, Departure was delayed by half hour. The spokeswoman VP couldnt account for why it did when interrogated by a journalist. The plane is an older generation flew first Nov ? Surely they would know such basic info before facing the bullets in a press conferences?

The investigation is being carried out by European Agencies yet for some reason Americans tell us almost immediately that there is no terrorist connection and now a Senior American Military official is allegedly leaking information the the NYT about information gleaned from the CVR.

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